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Why are your prices so low?

We're able to sell these ultrasonic parts at rock-bottom prices only because this is an automated operation with minimal overheads. Parts are delivered direct from the factory to you with the absolute minimum sales and marketing infrastructure. This is in effect an online factory-direct warehouse.

Can you help me choose components for my application?

Sorry, no. With our low-cost business model we can't offer help in selecting suitable parts for a particular application. You are expected to know what you want and be able to specify it exactly. Generally this means that you already have ultrasonic equipment working and need replacement parts for spares or to replace worn or damaged items.

If you have a new application and need help specifying suitable equipment to use, including custom equipment designed and built specially for you, please visit our partner web-site MPI Ultrasonics for more information.

Do you have other components? I require a...

All presently-available products (transducers and piezoceramics) are only on our online shopping web site. No other products, such as those you may see advertized on other web sites, are presently available.

How do I order? Can I place an order some other way?

You can order directly on this web site: www.ultrasonicsworld.com. There is no other way of ordering these products from us. We do not have manpower for answering special demands. Everything operates automatically (controlled by software). This is the only way we can provide these products at the cheap prices you see.

Can I pay by bank transfer? Will you send an invoice?

Yes. After you place the order, choosing "check or bank transfer" as payment method, you will get all necessary details, instructions and invoice by email. Please note that we do not provide invoices by post.

You will not be obliged to confirm your payment, or to make the payment, but we will not ship goods until payment clears. Nothing will happen if you place the order and later do not pay.

Can I pick up the goods? Do you provide other delivery methods?

Our products are coming from different countries and there is no one central storage place where all products can be found and purchased. Transport expenses are calculated automatically by shipping companies' software. We do not have any influence regarding shipping expenses. We cannot offer you different shipping methods.

Can you arrange cheaper shipping options?

No. Our products are delivered directly to you from factories based in different countries around the world. To ensure prompt, secure delivery we use only Fedex and UPS international services.

Can you send a sample? Can I order less than the minimum quantity?

Sorry, no. We do not sell these products directly, they will be delivered to you direct from the manufacturer. All conditions, such as minimum order quantities, specified on the web site are final and cannot be changed.

Can you give me more information about a component?

Generally, no. Full technical information is given in the pdf technical specification documents linked on each product page. These include dimensions and frequency-response graphs for ultrasonic transducers. For any general information about these parts please see the web sites of any major ultrasonic equipment manufacturer. Remember, our components are fully compatible with the major manufacturers and constructed to equal (in many cases slightly improved) quality.

In exceptional cases if you need some specific technical information that isn't included in the specification document you may contact us for details.

Please give me your best dealer / wholesale prices.

Our best (and only) prices are the ones you see on this site. These are already below wholesale, and no discounts are offered for orders below 10,000 euro.

If you wish to place an order above this value, or you are an established client with past orders totalling over 10,000 euro, please contact us to negotiate a special discount.

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