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If you have any questions about these products please check our Frequently-Asked Questions page first. We have answers to many common questions there including:

Summary notes:

Please do not ask us for free samples, and do not ask if we can deliver smaller quantity of transducers compared to what is specified on our web site. Please use only the web site for ordering - we don't sell these products by any other method. Please do not ask for something that is not offered here on the web site. We are not able to answer such demands.

After you place your order through the web-site, an invoice will be generated automatically and sent to you by e-mail. Please do not ask for another invoice or for alternative delivery options. We are not able to answer such demands.

Please do not ask for applications support or additional technical details. We already provide all the technical details we have (see the related documents linked on each product page). We are not able to answer such demands.

Only if you have read the notes above and the detailed questions and answers on the FAQ page, and your question is still not answered, you can enter details below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Miodrag Prokic
Technical consultant and Operations manager - Ultrasonics World.

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